Richard III – “fit to work”

Richard III; credit Apic/Getty images

This was fantastic news and what’s more, the evidence revealled that DNA, wounds at the time of death, carbon dating and some historical (although some historical accounts were doctored by the tudors) accounts all prove it was him. A triumph for the convergence of Scientific evidence as our only means of knowing what is true in reality. Further, it’s a testament to the superiority of Science over anecdotal accounts as they can and will be falsified, bias or complete fabrications. I would suggest looking for the entire documentary as it was a great watch if a little melowdramatic although I think they can be given a break for that to be honest, it was an excellent find. The discovery even caused Labour’s Michael McCann to ask the prime minister if Richard the third was “fit to work” a political dig about the private firm Atos carrying out welfare-to-work assessments which I found quite apt and amusing. If anyone is interested or a budding Scientist, reading up on DNA and carbon dating is well worth doing as it will help you to understand much of the important Science out there including the theory of evolution, the age of the earth and more, relevant links can be found here.

News coverage – BBC News

                                   National Geographic


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Glen Carrigan is a Neuropsychology Postgraduate Researcher and Senior Research Assistant in Clinical Practice at The University of Central Lancashire. Glen is a public speaker, humanist, science presenter, ex-soldier, and social and political activist with an interest in all things related to equality, science, education, and politics.

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