Madeline runs the half-marathon for UNICEF’s Syrian refugee crisis appeal


Sponsor Madeline who is running the Cheltenham Circular Challenge for UNICEF UK because 650,000 misplaced Syrian children need our help.

Madeline’s story

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The continued violence in Syria is taking an extreme toll on children and their families. Many schools have closed while health centres have either become too dangerous for families to reach, or been closed down by the Assad government.

The violence has also forced tens of thousands of Syrian children to flee their homes and seek shelter in neighbouring countries.

UNICEF has just declared this crisis to be the highest level of emergency for children and is working around the clock to provide them with clean water, food, medical care and warm clothing. But their resources are at breaking point – UNICEF receives no direct funding from the UN and relies solely on voluntary donations. Extra funding is needed to continue their essential work with affected families.

I’ll be training every day until the half-marathon on the 23rd June to make sure I can finish – and hopefully to do so in a half-decent time! I’ve also quit smoking and cut down drastically on alcohol consumption until the big day. Please donate as generously as you can to help UNICEF meet the urgent needs of children. Thank you so much! Maddy x


Credit; Unicef

Syria’s Lost Generation

Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Interventionist Policy


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