*RESEARCH* Twitter, intervention, the NHS and Equal Marriage: Moral intuition and Reasoning in relation to different types of Moral Problem

Glen Carrigan Moral PsychologyEthical Approval: The study was approved by The University of Central Lancashire’s ethics committee for online data collection PSYSOC0362013

Think about what is happening in the world today. Should the West intervene in Syria and Eqypt, is whistle blowing in the NHS safe for the employee, was it right to pass the Equal Marriage bill in the UK, and should twitter take legal responsibility for it’s platform? Each of these prominent questions includes a clear moral aspect, as do many of our day to day decisions. How do you think you would fare when being faced with specifically, life or death decisions?

The following experiment asks you to fill in some basic demographic information (gender and age), then respond to a series of ethical dilemma scenarios. We anticipate this will take you approximately 10 minutes, probably even less. We would ask you not to participate if you are under the age of 18.

The ethical dilemmas in some instances require you to make very difficult decisions which would involve the ‘death’ of an individual or individuals described in the scenario. Therefore we would advise that you do not participate if you think this may cause you distress. You can also withdraw your participation at any time by simply closing the browser window. The moral dilemmas are however used frequently in research on ethical decision making and we would anticipate they would not cause you undue distress.

Should you decide to take part your participation is anonymous. This means therefore you would be unable to withdraw your data at a later stage should you wish.

The data we collect will be submitted for publication with a journal and used in presentations/talks, etc. You will not be able to be identified from the data however due to its anonymity.

If you are happy to proceed please indicate your willingness to do so, by clicking below.

Click here to participate


About glencarrigan

Glen Carrigan is a Neuropsychology Postgraduate Researcher and Senior Research Assistant in Clinical Practice at The University of Central Lancashire. Glen is a public speaker, humanist, science presenter, ex-soldier, and social and political activist with an interest in all things related to equality, science, education, and politics.

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