My name is Glen Carrigan, a Neuropsychology Postgraduate Researcher and Senior Research Assistant in Clinical Practice at the University of Central Lancashire. I’m also a skeptic, educator, qualified fitness instructor, ex-soldier, and science presenter with a passion for equality, social justice, and education. I’ve contributed to Humanist Life, have created and presented many events and talks throughout the UK, and I’m also a journalist for Atheist Republic. This blog covers many things (musings, rants and academic) from different areas as I seek to intertwine my interests in the rational and scientific world and perhaps show others how interesting the world truly is.

Throughout my life I’ve always had an obsession with science in many of it’s forms, from astrophysics, and everything in the natural world to psychology which is a product of our evolution in that natural world. Even when I was a soldier I was interested for instance in the psychological reasons behind why we were able to do the things we do such as command, obey, fight, reason etc. In all my travels around the world I saw many things and the most interesting always seemed to make me look at it from what we would call a scientific point of view…. the facts, how we obtain them and the replication of them to substantiate those facts. Nothing seemed more complex and worth understanding to me than the human mind. Even the physics of nature is a factor of our most complex organ, although these seem to be objective constants, we would not be able to access them without a brain to assimilate and understand all that we perceive and even work out those things we do not….yet!

Visit the websites page for my projects, and the talks page for my public appearances.

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