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The Big Questions Round-Up: Glen Carrigan and Phil Ashburn

The Four Godless Gs of the Apocalypse

The Four Godless Gs of the Apocalypse

We’re back on The Big Questions tomorrow at 1000 for perhaps one of the most important issues of our time – Human Rights.

Last Sunday, Phil Asburn from the AHS Society at UCLan and myself appeared on The BBC’s The Big Questions to discuss some very big questions indeed: Should religion stay out of politics; Is the death penalty ever justified; Should Sex and Relationship Education be Secular? The episode culminated in nothing less than Godless Spell Checker shouting “Dogma” and me being rather polite to a bishop… sort of! Watch the show aired on 03.05.15 here.

One viewer even pointed out that a few of us were the 4 Godless Gs of the Apocalypse, perhaps a good omen for reason? We’d prefer to call it non-divine intervention though.

Tune in on Sunday when Andrew Copson, Maryam Namazie, Peter Tatchell and others discuss the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Religious Rights. Iram Ramzan, Lejla Kurić Godless Spell Checker (Stephen), Phil Ashburn and I are also there!

Also, look forward to our podcast rounding up the two episodes on Monday 11th with Phil AsburnIram Ramzan, Lejla Kurić.

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