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Is obesity linked to childhood abuse?

Researchers from Boston University have found connections between obesity and childhood abuse. Evidence points towards eating as a coping mechanism for past abuse. In addition disruption to metabolic and hormonal levels that occur as a factor of abuse may be to blame.

The study focussed on the black female population in America. More than 33,000 women between the year 1995 and 2005 reported childhood abuse experiences which were assessed in relation to a waist circumference greater than 35 inches and a BMI (body mass index, kg/m2).

The results offer the explanation that the risk of obesity was 30 percent greater for women in the highest classifications of sexual and physical abuse in 2005. Allowances for diet, exercise level, depressive symptoms and reproductive history were also made and acknowledged as perhaps playing a part in the onset of obesity as intermediary functions.


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Obese, Skinny or Perfect; some things you might not know about genetics and obesity.

Fat or Fit?

Fat or Fit?

Ever wonder why the girl next door has a perfect figure but you never see her down the gym? Or why that bloke in the gym tells you he can eat what he wants and not put on any fat? Well there are many genetic reasons for why that might be. However just because I’m saying they are genetic and therefore foster the notion of a predisposition to either gain, lose or maintain weight that doesn’t mean you can give up entirely on achieving the healthy body you want. It just means that certain body types are harder to get from your biological starting point so don’t you dare start thinking, well if it’s genetic then why bother? Read the rest of this entry

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