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The Science of Star Wars – The Light Side

Lancashire Science Festival 2015. Ian Turner’s The Science of Star Wars – The Light Side. Introduction. The University of Central Lancashire @docwiththesocs @CarriganGlen #LSF2015



SEED; Support and Education for Eating Disorders

The video highlights a charity catwalk show in which I modelled and helped organise last year, for a local eating disorder charity. The event was designed to raise awareness of the diversity of those that suffer from eating disorders. The underlying message was to love the shape you are. This show is an annual event and is held at The University of Central Lancashire by Shelly Perry who is the Director and Founder of SEED. I would highly recommend the service for anyone who feels they might benfit from it for it’s professional and compassionate approach to treatment.

Eating disorders (ED’s) are characterised by a pronounced disturbance in eating behaviour and the negative self-attributions (with regards to image) that promote such a disturbance. Often ED’s manifest in people who believe they are overweight when actually they are not. The everyday activities of ED symptomatics can be negatively affected by their condition such as struggling in their professional and personal lives due to the intrusive nature of thoughts related to the condition. ED’s can have numerous causes, including issues of family attachment, self-esteem and negative life events to name only a few. (more…)

To speak or not to speak…. Speak; Reform section 5

Thanks to all involved in preserving free speech in the UK. We can now have a frank debate on important issues without risking prosectution just for having a difference of opinion. Such differences of opinion have, by some individuals and groups been the target of legitimate legal action by being deemed a source of “insult”. This insult has often justified in the minds of the insulted: violence, prejudice, censorship and immunity from criticism of their opinions on a broad range of topics from religion and LGBT rights to equality, education, political and ideological issues. This reform translates into an ability to be critical of eachother, ideas, beliefs and practices within the sphere of constructive debate in order to make for a better democratic society in 2013 and beyond.

For further information visit; Reform Section 5 – Feel free to insult me

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